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TEL: +603 5885 4151
TEL: 1700 814 113
E-mail: juicing@kuvings.my
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  • Global 'Life Tastes Good' Company
  • Thank you for your interest in NUC Electronics Co.!
  • For past thirty years, through continuous research and development of our juice extractors, blenders, juicers and various other home appliances, our customers enjoyed premium quality health care product in their homes. Also, our products received numerous commendations from the government as safe and innovative design with our patented technology.
  • As our sole mission is to design and manufacture home appliances with our customers' health and weell-beign in mind, we are honored to be recognized as a leading authority in health care product concepts in Korea.
  • We will continue to lead our industry with progressive manaement system and socially responsible values, and become a global company by delivering the world-class product quality and services to your home.
  • President | Jong-Boo Kim 싸인
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  • Registered Address: Suite E-1-4 4th Floor Setiawalk,
  • PSRN Wawasan, 47160, Puchong, Selangor
    Tel: +603 5885 4151 Fax: +603 5635 2205 Email: juicing@kuvings.my
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  • 679, Chimsan-3Dong(280, Nowonro), Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea (Zip Code:702-053)
    Tel 82-53-665-5035, 82-53-665-5036 Fax 82-53-353-0438 E-mail nuctrade@nuc.kr
    Website www.kuvings.com Contact point Suwon Hwang Gereral Manager
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