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Why you should make it yourself?
A.  The truth about 100% fruit juice

  i.  Food industry can say 100% juice even if it’s not really 100%.
  ii.  What is concentrated juice?

 B.  What are additives?

  i.  More vivid and bold colors that the real fruits (coloring agents)
  ii.  Stronger scent and flavor than the real fruits (congener)
  iii.  Sweetness (fructose)
  iv.  It says no sugar but it’s sweeter (artificial sweetner)
  v.  Artificial preservatives
  vi.  Tomato juice (thickener)

 C.  Real juice for real people

i.  Juices sold in supermarkets today are the result of combining all the artificial flavors and sweeteners.
ii.  The right choice for your family is the one that you made yourself
iii.  Don’t cheat yourself by drinking artificial juice
iv.  Fresh juice is packed with nutrients and living energy.  Other juices sold in the supermarkets go through a pasteurizing step so it’s dead. 

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