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  • Q&A about Juice
  • Q. Which vegetable or fruit is recommendable? A. The most important thing is how fresh the fruit or vegetable is. It is recommended to buy organic one. Q. Why fruit or vegetable is recom...
  • Vegetable Selection
  • Tomato Choose tomatoes that have a deep rich color. Not only is this one of the signs of a delicious tasting tomato, but the deep color also indicates that it has a greater supply of the health-...
  • Fruit Selection
  • Grape Choose grapes that are plump and free from wrinkles. They should be intact, not leaking juice, and firmly attached to a healthy looking stem.
  • How to drink a natural juice
  • Drink the natural juice before the meal. The body can absorb all the nutrients in juice when the stomach is empty. In the morning, please drink a glass of water and then a cup of juice. Please dri...
  • Precaution before Juicing
  • Precaution before Juicing Please read the following, before juicing. The Juicer is made to collect juice from vegetables/fruits and extract fiber and juice from them. A. Leafy vegetables- ce...
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