Merdeka Day : Scaled Down Celebrations, Scaled Up Rewards

Aug 19, 2021
Merdeka Day : Scaled Down Celebrations, Scaled Up Rewards
This year, Malaysia will celebrate her 64th Merdeka Day.  It is our Day of Independence and marks the end of British Colonial rule which eventually led us to become a free nation.

Typically, Merdeka Day is celebrated with grand parades that light up the arena of Dataran Merdeka.  However this year, Merdeka Day will be a more low key affair.  With the COVID-19 pandemic still wrecking havoc in our social programmes, most Malaysians will observe COVID protocol to maintain social distance in a collective and united effort to flatten the curve.

However, we must not let Merdeka Day pass as just another low key public holiday. It is a day that means more than the commemoration of independence. 
Merdeka should be celebrated. Even though the celebrations are scaled down, Merdeka has a much deeper significance. We must take every opportunity to remind ourselves how we got this far. We must reflect on  our struggle, our progress and our friendship as Malaysians over the past 64 years.

Kuvings invites all Malaysians to celebrate this Merdeka Day and not let it past as “just another day”.   Although the past year and a half was a particularly challenging period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we Malaysians must continue to believe in ourselves that, as a country, we will emerge even stronger, more resilient and progressive in the ‘new norm’.

We shall not allow the pandemic to take away our joy and pride of nationhood.  

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