IFA Magazine introduces a global consumer electronics company, Kuvings

Sep 04, 2017
IFA Magazine introduces a global consumer electronics company, Kuvings
Focusing on its vacuum blenders that boost both taste and nutrition

After participating in Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show, ‘IFA 2017′, Kuvings has gained the spotlight as an innovative Korean company in ‘IFA Magazine.’ Published every day during the event period by IFA’s Secretariat, ‘IFA Magazine’ gave 4 pages to an interview with CEO Kim Jong-Boo of Kuvings and an introduction of the products on its Day 1 and 4 editions.

IFA Magazine sheds new light on Kuvings’s high-speed vacuum blenders and the technology considering users’ new Juicing experience, convenience and well-being, and emphasizes that they enable consumers to make healthier and fresher juice.

At its own show booth, Kuvings caught buyers’ eyes with its high-speed vacuum blender. The product boasts a maximum 32,000RPM and vacuum noise-proof cover as well as vacuum blending.

The vacuum blender blends fruit and vegetables after vacuuming. The vacuum state inside of the container helps reduce oxidation that occurs when cutting fruit and preserves rich flavor, fragrance and nutrients longer. In particular, the blender can lower noise while operating at high speeds.

“Our high-speed vacuum blender is a result of long research to help customers make nutritious juice more conveniently,” said an official from Kuvings. “We are focusing on innovative technology, user convenience and quality, and have participated in overseas exhibitions every year to promote our technology,” he added.

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