Kuvings, Awarded ‘Winner’ from Kitchen Innovation Award

Jul 13, 2017
Kuvings, Awarded ‘Winner’ from Kitchen Innovation Award
‘Kuvings Juicer’ swept global awards in the U.S., Germany, etc., spurring its expansion into the global market

Kuvings, once again, won a worldwide reputation as a global brand. The Whole Slow Juicer(C9500) made a splendid achievement of receiving ‘Winner’ from ‘Kitchen Innovation of the year 2017,’ Ambiente, which was held in one of the biggest consumer product exhibitions in Germany, increasing its profile as a premium Juicer maker.

Kuvings Juicer (Whole Slow Juicer 9500) has been highly recognized with its world-class quality by being awarded 2016 Spark Design Award Finalist, 2017 iF Design Award, and Kitchen Innovation of the year 2017 in three categories – Design, Function and Product Profit out of the total 7 categories.

The whole slow juicer, Kuvings Juicer, boasts of a wide mouth that accommodates whole ingredients including fruits and vegetables. It has been loved by consumers at home and abroad and being sold in about 70 countries around the world. In 2014 when it was first launched, the innovative concept of extracting ingredients as a whole led to around 100 copy products were released only in China.

“Kuvings Juicer was awarded as the final winner product at Kitchen Innovation Award through professional judgment as well as consumer votes; we are planning to further promote our expansion into overseas markets,” said an official from Kuvings.

In celebration of the award, Kuvings invited a special guest of juice master from Norway at the cooking show, which was only given to the winner, to show how to extract juice with the Kuvings Juicer on site, earning fervent responses from the crowd. Also, aside from Kuvings Juicer, popular products such as commercial Juicers and vacuum blenders allegedly gained attention from buyers through this Award.

Ambiente Exhibition is an international appliances exhibition where around 4,400 companies from about 95 nations participate. Kuvings has taken part in the Exhibition for 7 consecutive years, promoting its leading position in the market as a global Juicer manufacturer. Products that received Kitchen Innovation Award are acknowledged with copyright, trademark right and marketing right in the entire Europe. The Award has been working to improve cross-industry systems and innovation and quality standards for products.


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