Kuvings Vacuum Blender, ‘2018 Red Dot Award’ Winner

Apr 10, 2018
Kuvings Vacuum Blender, ‘2018 Red Dot Award’ Winner
Kuvings has strengthened its position as a global brand once again with its Vacuum Blender (SV-500), winning the ‘2018 Red Dot Award’ in Germany.

One of the top three design awards, the German award is given based on various sector guidelines, including differentiated, aesthetic and functional features. The SV-500 boasts a high-class and sophisticated design, and its neat style goes well with any kitchen.

For blenders, it is most important not to destroy nutrients while blending. The vacuum blender prevents airflow during the process of blending and minimizes oxidation to make ingredients become in a vacuum inside the container.

Furthermore, its 32,000 RPM high-speed blending provides a soft texture, and the ‘low-noise cover’ helps lower machine noise while blending.

It’s more convenient to use; the user can manually control the RPMs and the one-touch automatic button makes operation easy.

The Kuvings Vacuum Blender(SV-500) was designed to satisfy both customer health and convenience; with the vacuum technology that minimizes air access, it helps keep juice nutrients.

Kuvings has already become popular through international awards. In 2017, the blender manufacturer rolled out a commercial juicer Chef, and was awarded an ‘IDEA Finalist’ of the US, Winner of the ‘Red Dot Awards’ and Winner of the ‘iF Design Awards’ in Germany, being highly recognized on the global stage.

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