Kuvings believes in the total well being of our customers.

The journey to a happier and healthier life is a transformative one that reshapes your physical, mental and emotional cores – all of which is within your reach through juicing.

Here are some true and inspiring stories of people who have discovered a life that is Happier and Healthier with Kuvings.

Sophia Pious

Discovering new places and foreign cuisines can take a toll on your body. Avid traveler, Sophia hasn’t visited the doctor since she started juicing daily!

Azlan Adnan

Age is just a number! Azlan lost 8kgs since the start of his journey and is a firm believer in tastier, sediment-free produce from Kuvings slow juicers.


After battling psoriasis for 30 years, Maryam successfully reversed the symptoms with healthy juices. Now, she no longer uses any medication or creams since 2014.

Suet Hui

Seeking a raw diet to enhance her family’s immune system, Suet noticed that her daughter hasn’t suffered from asthma since they started juicing with Kuvings.

Karl Loo

An active businessman, Karl meets the daily intake requirement of 5 fruits and vegetables with ease; starting the day with a fresh juice instead of coffee.


Founder of Juicy Juice Bar, Saraswathy experienced that juicing with Kuvings helped her family in combatting diabetes, monthly common colds and children’s eating problems.



76mm-wide feeding tube

Whole Fruit, Whole Taste
With its slow-rotating masticating technology, Kuvings Slow Juicers efficiently cold-presses ingredients and makes 100% natural juices, smoothies, and nut milks with maximum nutrients.

 Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer: Whole apple can be inserted.



This product has a slim design that saves a lot of counter top space. Moreover, Translucent hopper enables one to see an entire apple being juiced.


Fresh Juice

Kuvings’ juicers enable making juices with vegetables and fruits that are not easy to have daily, leaving flavor and nutrients intact without any additives.


Clean Up

You can easily clean up trace residues in the juice strainer. Put the rotating cleaning brush and the juice strainer together and twist them against each other.



The Smart Cap prevents leaking while pouring juice in a glass. It helps more than two kinds of ingredients mix together for richer and various customized juices.



Safety-lock system is equipped with a safety design which allows it to work only if the main and body and drum are connection precisely.



Using its built-in low-noise design, with a slow-rotating, special deceleration motor, the product generates less noise and vibration.

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