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Buy the Best Smoothie Blender, Fruit Blender & Juice Blender at Kuvings Malaysia

Kuvings high-speed vacuum blender has vacuum technology integrated into a high-speed grinder, which prevents oxidation & provides fresh fibre and nutrition for you. You can use our juicer blender to make smoothies, fruit juices & more. Enjoy fresher flavours & fibre with the magic of the soft vacuum technology of Kuvings! Aside from producing a variety of healthy recipes, it also enables you to store what your juices for a few days, making it convenient for you to keep & consume your smoothies or juices on the go.

Enjoy the simplicity of Kuvings juice blender with dedicated preset recipe buttons (Smoothie/Juice/Pulse) designed to optimize blending speed and time for the best results. The powerful motor of the blender rotates blades at 32,000 times per minute, making sure ingredients are blend finely. For safety precautions, our blender also has safety sensor which makes the blender operates only when the vacuum container is perfectly mounted onto the main body.

Start your healthy eating & healthy living with Kuvings Power/Vacuum Blender! Check out our Cold Press Juicers, Probiotic Makers & Accessories & Parts replacement for your juicers as well at Kuvings Malaysia.