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"LIMITED EDITION Zesty Zeus" EVO820 Titan Metal Red

Model No: NS-1226CBC2
Quick Overview:
  • Color Choice: Metal Red
  • Type: Low Speed Compression
  • Speed: 50RPM
  • Power Consumption: 240W
  • Rated Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Size: 201 x 239 x 490 (mm)
  • Weight: 7.1KG
  • Maximum Use Time (continuous): 30 minutes
  • Warranty (motor): 20 years*
  • Warranty (other parts): 5 year*
  • Dessert Makers (Sorbet & Smoothie): INCLUDED

*STANDARD WARRANTY for EVO TITAN JUICERS is 20 years on motor and auger (5 years on other parts)

Zesty Zeus is a customised Limited Edition product for the EVO820 in RED. 

"LIMITED EDITION Zesty Zeus" EVO820 Titan Metal Red
Total RM 3,298.00


Our dedication to creating a premium juicer has led us to innovate, improve and introduce the 5th Generation Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820.  This new release incorporates many new features and performance improvements.



The flap gate system is deisgned to prevent children's small hands from entering the feeding chute. It is a universal deisng that can be used conveniently and safely by everyone. 



Upgraded Dum lid is improved by adding additional locking mechanisms  from 3 to 4. This increases the strength of the drum bowl and lid by over 30% compared to previous models. 



5th Generation Drum imrproves durability and expulsive power by improving the internal structure and conbination of the juicing strainer.


Easy Washing

The upper part of the pulp outlet is opened, and the the width has been increased. This allows for fine residue to be cleaned up easier compared to previous models. 


82mm Flap Gate

Makes juice quickly with feeding chute(82mm), which is bigger than existing slow juicer and allows bigger ingredients to be put in a whole.


Eco Friendly

The container is made of Tritan that is free of environmental hormones (Bisphenol A), and the juicing mesh and screw are made of safe and durable ULTEM.


"Clash of the Titans" Challenge. In the past 2 months, we released the EVO juicer to a community of juicing enthusiasts to get their feedback. Their verdict is unanimous - better juice quality, robust performance, able to chew through large quantity of hard roots with ease, easier to clean, overall more enjoyable experience.

We challenged the tester group to "Try to BREAK IT!".  We are pleased to report that the EVO came back unscathed. No one was able to break the juicer or any of its part.  Based on the improved engineering and higher quality parts used, the EVO will come with a warranty of a 20-year (Motor and Auger) and 5-year (Other parts) as STANDARD.

Juicing 16kg of Purple Carrots and Beetroot 

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Joyful and Trouble Free Juicing is made possible with the Bigger, Stronger and Better EVO Whole Slow Juicer from Kuvings.

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