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DNA Discovery

DNA Discovery
DNA Discovery
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‘Genetics loads the gun; Lifestyle pulls the trigger.’

Find the missing piece in your health, uncover your health potential, act early to optimize your health!


While we all have the same set of genes, we each have genetic variants that can impact what we
look like, what we’re allergic to and what our bodies need to thrive. Through the studies of the
human genome, researchers and scientists have discovered that different people respond in
different ways to different diets because the variations in our DNA can have a significant impact on
our metabolic efficiency, nutrient requirement, food tolerance and more.

NutriDNA Screening Test is an easy, non-invasive nutrition-related genetics screening test that helps
to discover genetics variants in you that influence the way your body responds to food. Our Kuvings
Wellness team (consisting of trained dietitians and nutritionists) will work with you to determine a
diet that aligns with your genetic variants and body’s needs. Our aim is to make it easier for you to
optimise your health and hence quality of life.

What does the NutriDNA Screening Test tell about you?

  1.  Metabolic potential : 5 reports, for example: Alcohol & caffeine metabolism

  2.  Nutrition-deficiency potential : 13 reports, for example: Carbohydrate sensitivity & vitamins requirement

  3. Disease potential :  15 reports, for example: Coronary artery disease & type 2 diabetes

  4. Cognitive potential : 2 reports, for example: Cognitive ability & learning ability

  5. Physical potential : 5 reports, for example: Muscle endurance & sports recovery ability

  6. Skin potential : 12 reports, for example: Antioxidant & collagen breakdown

What is so unique about the Kuvings NutriDNA Screening Test?

  • It’s available via online purchase. (You just need to make a few clicks. Simple and easy)

  • The test kit will be delivered to your doorstep. (Don’t worry, we know you are busy)

  • This test is very easy to do and can be done at your personal pace, space and time (It’s all in your hand.)

You only to give us a saliva sample (No needle, no blood hence no tears)

You will be notified by us when the report is ready (We are proud of our customer service

We won’t leave you alone with the report. You will be meeting our Wellness Team to go
through the report.

Under the guidance of our Wellness Team, you will be provided an actionable lifestyle plan
that suits your genes.

Most importantly, we value data accuracy and privacy. This is part of our business policy.

What will I get from the Kuvings NutriDNA Screening Test?

  • NutriDNA Test Kit

  • Dietitian’s consultation and guidance

  • Personalised lifestyle plan

What are the steps that you will take in order to do the Kuvings NutriDNA Screening Test?

1. Order at our online store
2. Receive the test kit in 2 days
3. Collect sample
4. Send the sample back to Kuvings
5. Receive notification from us when the report is ready (within 6-8 weeks)
6. Make appointment with our Kuvings Wellness Team
7. Derive actionable lifestyle plan and act on it!

Note: Unlike usual medical test, NutriDNA Screening Test is NOT meant to diagnose or to confirm a
medical condition. Instead, it focuses on assessing health risk that is contributed by genetic factors
but can be modified by lifestyle change. Some examples of health risk include your genetic
predisposition for specific nutrient deficiencies (such as folate, vitamin D and calcium), for some
lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes and hypertension), and for inefficiency in metabolising certain
food components (such as caffeine and alcohol).

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