7 Days Juice Fast Programme

RESTORE YOUR GUT: The 7-Days Juice Fast Programme
For 7 days, you will be walked through a juice fast programme that will change your life.
Highlights of Programme:
  1. 7-days juice & smoothies plan with calculated calories & nutrients to ensure you will get sufficient energy to carry out your daily activities.
  2. Juicing & smoothies preparation step-by-step videos to make your juice fast journey smoother.
  3. Shopping checklist & six pretty glass bottles. We want to minimize your time wandering around in the market to look out for ingredients. 6 pretty bottles will be provided so you will drink sufficient volume of liquids per day.
  4. Daily online discussion with certified dietitians via group chat. Ask anything to our dietitians, daily
7 Days Juice Fast Programme
Total RM 495.00
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