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NutriCONSULT - HealthFriend

With Kuvings HealthFriend, you will get a personal Health Coach to walk along side you to achieve your health goals.  The following services are included :

  • Health screening
  • Blood tests (finger prick) for cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid
  • Urine test
  • Diet plan
  • Juicing plan
  • Health goal setting
  • Result tracking
  • One-To-One communication
*Note: Consultation sessions by appointment in Kuvings office
NutriCONSULT - HealthFriend
RM 498.00
RM 295.00
“All illnesses begin in the gut” 

There is growing evidence that our food choices are the strongest contributing factor to the problems of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and other non communicable diseases (NCDs). (Source 1, 2)

Removing  highly processed food, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and following a proper diet plans can contribute to real changes in your health and reduce the risk of NCDs

Kuvings administers guided diet and nutrition programs to help you achieve your health goals.  When you purchase a HealthFriend Package,  our team of dietitians and nutritionists will meet you and walk along aside your health journey.  

They will perform a health screening procedure,  tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid), review dietary habits, develop a personalised diet plan and exercise plan to help you achieve your health goals.

To increase the chances of success, our dietitians and nutritionists will become your HealthFriends and shall maintain contact and communication to keep you accountable and provide guidance and motivation for you to stay on track.

You will meet your HealthFriends after 4 months for a review to measure improvements in your weight, BMI, general well being and other health indicators. [*Note:  Consulation sessions shall be by appointment and conducted in Kuvings office].

Kuvings HealthFriend Service is suitable for those with specific health goal e.g. weight loss, lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, reduce skin allergies as well as general wellbeing, using real food to heal the gut as the preferred option over medication or supplements.

Note: If you wish to find out more about the HealthFriend Service Package, please fill up this form. One of our dietitians will be assigned to contact you.

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