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Juicing For Weight Loss - Workshop

Date : September 21st, 2019
Time : 9.30AM - 11.30AM
Venue : Kuvings Malaysia HQ, Setiawalk, Puchong
Juicing For Weight Loss - Workshop
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This workshop gives you knowledge on how to lose weight healthily through juicing. You will be taught on what is a healthy eating plan, how to count calories and given a overall understanding about nutrition.Specific juice recipes for weight loss will be provided, and there will be hands-on demonstration on how to juice two different types of juices. At the end of the workshop, participants should have adequate information to choose their food wisely, and learn important information on how to lose weight.

The workshop will be conducted by Kuvings certified team of dietitians and nutritionist.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed at the workshop:

- Factors that lead to obesity
- How to know whether you are having excessive fat
- How to lose weight healthily and sustain your ideal weight
- Calorie counting
- diseases that are linked to obesity
- Juice fast: Is it recommended?
- Juice recipes for fat burner
- Real-life testimonies of participants who went through Flab to Fab programme



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